Class Overview

We offer multi-level classes for adults in wheel throwing and hand building. Students are given broad latitude for self-expression, are encouraged to develop their individual skills and visions, and have the option to participate in the June and December gallery sales.  

Because of limited space we are currently at our maximum enrollment of 110 students. Our waitlist is currently at its maximum as well. In the meantime we would love for interested individuals to become part of our community by joining our mailing list, visiting our gallery and attending events. 


2021 Class Schedule

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 Winter Classes:     January 4th to March 6th
 Spring Classes:     March 15th to May 15th
 Summer Classes:  July 5th to September 4th
 Fall Classes:          September 13th to November 13th
 SECTION A          Monday Mornings:      9 AM - 3 PM
 SECTION B         Tuesday Mornings:      9 AM - 3 PM
 SECTION C         Tuesday Evenings:      7 PM - 10 PM; Saturday 9AM-Noon
 SECTION D         Thursday Mornings:     9 AM – 3 PM
 SECTION E         Thursday Evenings:    7 PM -10 PM; Saturday 12:30 - 3:30 PM
Fee:  $345.00 – Includes1 bag of clay (new students only), glazes and firings. Additional clay and tools may be purchased during classes. 
Multi Level classes; Instructors: Jerry Thiebolt & Shaun Craig
  SECTION F             Monday Evenings:           6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  SECTION G           Tuesday Evenings:            6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  SECTION H            Wednesday Mornings:      9 AM-1 PM
  SECTION I              Wednesday Evenings:     6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  SECTION J             Saturday Mornings:          9 AM -12 PM
  SECTION K            Saturday Afternoons:       1 PM - 4 PM
  Fee:  $175.00, ($230.00 for the Wednesday 4 hour day class)
  Includes 1 bag of clay (new students only), glazes, and firings.
  Additional clay and tools may be purchased during classes. 
  Multi level classes; Instructors:  Eric Woods & Shaun Craig
* In order to protect the health of our students and associates, face masks are required while at the studio for anyone who is not fully vaccinated.  Modifications have also been made to accommodate social distancing practices. Class schedules are subject change according to state and county restrictions as well as the overall needs of Clay Associates, so that we can support the well being of our community.