Shaun Craig


I am a 4th generation San Diego native who grew up loving the mountains, desert and beaches. Drawing was my first love until I discovered clay in the 3rd grade. In high school I was able to take my first ceramics class and I immediately fell in love with the medium. I was so excited that I could draw three dimensionally in space with my forms!

I am continually inspired by natural and native elements in my environment. I love clean simple lines, enhanced by surface decoration. I love functional work that fills my eye with art and beauty. I am constantly finding inspiration from sticks, rocks, pine cones and other elements of nature. The complex simplicity in the forms is a source of never ending fascination for me. I love to use art in my life so when people have a piece of mine I want them to use it and enjoy it in an everyday setting.

"Strength without flexibility is tyranny. Flexibility without strength is weakness.
One without the other is chaos. Both together in balance is harmony."

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